Black Sea – Jude Law Prepares On A Nuclear Submarine

Black Sea – Jude Law

Movies at sea have always made it big at the box office. Whether it is for the mammoth sets or thrilling screenplay, adventure movies with the right cast and crew hits the top of the blockbuster charts. Black Sea will be no different. The movie is latest in the submarine movie list. Jude Law is the lead cast in the film and in the preparation spree he spent days in a nuclear submarine informs sources. The director of the film Kevin Macdonald was unable to accompany him as he was busy with the preparation for the movie. Meanwhile, Jude was happy enough to spend four days on board of a nuclear submarine that picked him at Gibraltar and took him away to an unknown location.

Jude spent his time exercising next to the nuclear missiles and shared a room with 18 other men. Submarine movies are never a favourite subject for moviemakers because of its dark interiors and cramped space. The cameraman finds it tough to work on the sets as space is so limited. There is nothing stopping filmmakers from working on submarine movies. Leading directors have worked on the subject and to mention a few; The Abyss from James Cameron, Submarine from Frank Capra, K-19; The Widowmaker from Kathryn Bigelow and more. Apart from serious films even comedies like the Crimson Tide and The Hunt for Red October made it big at the box office.

Now Black Sea did not believe in the set and opted to shoot the film in a real submarine. It was an ex-Soviet class vessel named ‘Foxtrot”. The submarine was kept on River Medway close to Rochester. When Foxtrot was functional, it carried 80 people on board and would return to the harbour once in six months. The vessel was popular during the Cold War times. The interiors were reconstructed at Pinewood Studios. The interiors were similar to the original and at this Macdonald made no compromise. The sets were so tight that there was hardly space for the actors or the camera to move freely. The movie is different from its predecessors in the context that Jude and his men venture in search of Nazi treasure hidden under the black sea.

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You’re Dying of Thirst, Can You Drink Sea Water?

youre-dying-of-thirst-can-you-drink-sea-waterImagine yourself being a castaway and literally dying of thirst but surrounded by seawater, like what happens in films. Your mouth is dry and the coolness of the water seems to invite you to drink it. What would you do? You know that it is not safe to drink seawater if there would be other options, but you also know that you could die of thirst or dehydration. What really happens is you drink seawater?

Seventy-one percent of the earth’s surface is water, yet most of it is ocean water that humans cannot consume because of salt. Saltwater is not as deadly as you think it is. Our body depends on salt and water to function. While our bodies use water as universal solvent for macronutrients and help us pump blood, metabolize food, use muscles, our cells also rely on salt in our extracellular fluids for the same actions.

Why Saltwater is Harmful

Consuming a small amount of salt is helpful for our body, but too little or too much can cause damage. The salinity or weight of salt dissolved in 1000 grams of water of human blood is 9 grams. Thus, every thousand grams of fluid has 9 grams of salt and 991 grams of water. Fluids that have the same concentration as the cells or blood in the body are called isotonic. When we take in too much salt, we discharge the excess in our urine to keep our fluids isotonic.
Saltwater is hypertonic or containing more salt than the human blood. It has a salinity of 35. Apparently, consuming extremely hypertonic fluids like seawater confuses our body’s coping mechanism.

What Happens when you Drink Seawater

Diffusion is the transport of matter from high concentration to lower concentration. However, when it comes to saltwater, our cells have biological membranes that keep salt from freely going into the cells. Even if our body can normalize sodium and chloride concentrations up to a certain extent, handling very high concentrations of salt is difficult. It is because the cell membrane is semipermeable. While sodium and chloride may not easily diffuse in and out of our cell, water can. Water corrects the imbalance by moving from the inside to the outside if there is higher salt concentration on the outside of our cells. This is called osmosis. If you are taking in seawater, osmosis can result in a disaster. Since the salinity of seawater is four times of our body fluids, the transfer of water from the inside to the outside will cause the cells to become small, which is not good.

In this situation, the body’s regulatory mechanism is potentially lethal. The change in sodium concentration outside the cell is to be blamed. To regain isotonic state for cell survival, the body will eliminate excess sodium from the extracellular fluids and secrete urine. However, our kidneys can only produce urine that is a bit saltier than saltwater. Thus, to remove excessive amount of sodium, we urinate more than what we dank, leading to dehydration. That means if your consuming seawater, you are not taking in any water but are bringing a net loss that leads to reduced body fluid, dry mouth, muscle cramps and thirst.

When fluid is lost, our body will try to compensate by increasing heart rate and inhibiting blood vessels to keep blood pressure and flow to organs. You are more likely to feel nauseous, weak or even delirium. The more you become more dehydrated, the body’s coping mechanism could already fail. If you still don’t take any water to counter the effects of excessive sodium, the other organs and the brain will receive less blood that leads to coma and eventually death.

Drinking small amount of seawater will not kill you. The message is that salt and water should be consumed separately. Any salt intake should be accompanied by ample amount of freshwater. Humans are not like sea creatures that deal with salinity by acting as osmotic conformers and regulators. While we are not able to do that, we can only use available technology to make surface water potable, such as buying a system from one of the top water softener brands to remove metal cations from hard water, making it more compatible with soap or our plumbing. As for seawater to be drinkable, it is much harder than you think.

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Why “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a Classic

Why The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a ClassicDo you remember the first time you saw “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“? Was it in the theater? Did you rent it? Were your screaming and covering your eyes with a bunch of friends? Or were you alone? Perhaps you took a walk afterward, pondering how such evil could possibly exist in the world, because “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was a true story, right?

Partly. It’s based on the real life person Ed Gein, a murderer who liked to wear his victims skin. And that’s just one reason this horror flick has become a classic.

While it veers from the true life of Ed Gein to include a cannibalistic family of nut jobs, it also veers from the typical horror movie script. For one thing, a lot of the action takes place in the daytime. Most horror flicks, like Friday the 13th and Halloween, which also rely on blood and gore, typically see all the action at night. But “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” invades your daydreams right along with your worst nightmares.

Another way this classic takes a different, horrifying path is by having the victims be as innocent as doe speckled deer skipping through the woods. That means the characters could have been anyone of us. Usually the people who get killed in horror movies are committing some kind of grave sin. Either they’re having sex, robbing a store, or their just plain old jerks who had it coming. But Sally and her friends are just a bunch of good kids – just like your were or are…

While a lot of horror flicks are filled with blood and gore, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” covers a taboo subject that can make even the strongest stomach turn in on itself. Cannibalism is by far one of the sickest ways to go. And we don’t know what’s worse – the chainsaw or the dinner afterwards. Either way, we’re just really glad to be safe and sound at home no where near any chainsaws.

If you’ve never seen this movie or haven’t seen the original in a long time, we recommend a viewing of this classic film if you want to be scared out of your mind every time you hear a chainsaw erupt. But if you do find yourself wanting to own a chainsaw — for reasons other than killing innocent people, that is — click on the link to see the best chainsaws in today’s market:

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How Quadcopters and Drones are Set to Change Hollywood Filming Forever

How Quadcopters and Drones are Set to Change Hollywood Filming ForeverDrones and quadcopters are poised to completely revolutionize the way that films are shot, transforming the industry from the inside out while at the same time opening up a tremendous amount of potential for small and Indie filmmakers that never would have been able to achieve the kinds of cinematography that they can now with these amazing pieces of technology.

The drone revolution is upon us!

In fact, there are quite a few members of the Hollywood elite that are talking about how much of an impact drones are going to have in the world of filming, and they are calling it the most influential piece of technology to hit Hollywood in years.

This is big, big news!

In order to shine a little bit of extra light on the subject we’ve put together a quick hit list of how quadcopters and drones are poised to transform Hollywood (for the better) below.

Let’s dive right in.

Aerial shots have never been easier (or cheaper) to pull off

One of the most beautiful moments in all of cinematography is the swirling shot of Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, but it also happens to be one of the most expensive shots in the history of filming as well.

After all, in the days of 70 mm film a shopping that wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to plan or to produce – but today anyone (and we mean ANYONE) with a drone would be able to pull off the exact same shot in a handful of takes for a fraction of the price.

Aerial shots are effortless to pull off these days, opening up a lot of cinematography opportunities for new filmmakers.

Crazy crane work is going the way of the dodo

In the old days (we’re talking about 10 years ago here), it would have been absolutely impossible for artists and directors to pull off those amazing single shot takes that seem to zoom in, zoom out, and move all over the place without ever losing the main character without a ton of cranes – and a ton of crane operators – working behind the scenes.

Today, though?

All of that is possible (including those juicy single shot takes like in Birdman) with nothing more than a solo drone set up and a bit of preplanning.

Again, this means that these shots become easier to pull off, it means that these shots become less expensive, and it means that filmmakers with smaller budgets are able to achieve the same kind of look than those with multimillion dollar budgets have always been able to.

Speaking of money…

Indie filmmakers can now pull off shots that only big budget films could execute in the past

Even though Hollywood is going to be dramatically impacted by drone technology, it’s the independent filmmakers of the world that are going to benefit most from these amazing pieces of equipment.

Independent filmmakers are going to be able to really push the boundaries of creativity with these machines, and they are going to be able to pioneer “drone footage” and capture shots that the world has never seen before – and may never have seen without this technology!

It’s definitely an exciting time to be alive.

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How do Hollywood actors get into shape quickly for their roles?

Actors getting in shapeIf you have ever been amazed at the kind of transformation that Hollywood actors are able to put their bodies through (packing on pounds and pounds of lean muscle mass and then shredding faster than anyone would have thought possible) and wondered how they do it, you’re going to want to pay close attention to all of the inside information we are able to share with you below.

You see, Hollywood’s greatest actors aren’t exactly following the same kind of programs that most of us are when we visit the gym and knock around a little bit of weight.

No, they are on an entirely different level!

They let the professionals do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to nutrition and programming…

For starters, you have to remember that Hollywood actors have quite a bit banking on the way they look for in the upcoming film – and we don’t just mean as far as pressure is concerned.

The movie studios that employ them are literally banking on their body looking the way that the character is supposed to, and they spend millions and millions of dollars hiring these actors to get things right.

These studios almost always supply their actors with nutritionists, fitness trainers, and sports scientists that are responsible for doing all of the heavy lifting when it comes to the planning behind these transformations.

… But they aren’t shy about doing all of the heavy lifting when it comes to training!

At the same time, Hollywood’s actors aren’t at all shy about doing the heavy lifting when it comes to training – putting in a lot more effort than most “normal” people would ever be able to.

Because their entire career depends upon them looking like a superhero, these actors are going to spend hours and hours at the gym (sometimes eight or more hours a day) going through training protocols that people with more traditional jobs would never be able to pull off and still survive. Some even have to allot time to exercise on their rowing machines at home to ensure they’ll be able to achieve their desired physique in time.

This extra time in the gym translates to incredible results, and because they know EXACTLY what they need to do to get results (thanks to the professionals we mentioned above), things are a lot easier for them than they would be for most of us.

A lot of Hollywood’s leading men turn to chemical help when they need to bulk up or cut down in a hurry

At the end of the day, though, Hollywood is a bit of a superficial place – and actors aren’t at all above getting their hands on a little bit of chemical help in the form of steroids, human growth hormone, and other supplements to really put their bodies over the top.

Tom Hardy is one of the most recent leading men in Hollywood to talk about the transformation he went through during the Warrior and Batman filming sessions and how he came to rely on HGH and steroids to bulk up faster than he would have been able to naturally.

This may not be a direction that you’re interested in or willing to pursue, but it’s important to know that when there’s millions and millions of dollars on the line, many actors are willing to take the plunge.

Interested in learning more about what happens behind the scene? Read this!

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What Kind of Audio Equipment is Used in Hollywood?

hollywood audioIn Hollywood, big movie studios have huge budgets and this means that they are able to spend a lot of money on elaborate audio equipment. In terms of making movies, there needs to be audio equipment on sets, including boom microphones, receivers, DJ speakers and computer software and hardware for these devices.

These days, audio equipment is digital in terms of its type, which means that it’s computerized and that it’s designed to interact with other digital interfaces. As well, Hollywood studios will have other audio equipment for different types of tasks. For example, if a mic didn’t pick up a clear voice during on-set recording, an actor or actress may be asked to come in and record lines in a real recording studio.

This is quite common during the post-production process. Recording studios are loaded with expensive and impressive audio equipment, including multi-channel mixers, mics and monitors.

Basically, if you want to see the best audio equipment in the world, you’ll find it at Hollywood studios or on Hollywood sets. However, independent filmmakers may not be able to afford the very best. In some cases, they will lease or borrow high-end equipment, rather than buying it. Otherwise, it’s just too costly.

Big studios also have budgets but they choose to invest in their own audio equipment, as it’s more practical to own it. This type of audio equipment will need to be maintained in order to offer peak performance. Since audio equipment may grow obsolete over a fairly short time period, studios will always be looking around for the hottest new equipment. Sound engineers who are employed by these studios will recommend new equipment which offers more performance and features.

Audio Equipment is Often Costly

Audio equipment may cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Those who wish to make films for less money will need to look around for cost-effective solutions, such as renting or leasing audio equipment systems. Where there is a will, there is a way. Filmmakers on a budget will be able to look up information about which audio equipment is essential for production. Lots of blogs and other resources are out there online. By focusing on acquiring only what is essential, they may be able to keep production costs down.

However, overall, filmmaking with a decent production value will cost a lot. It’s all about offering moviegoers the best audio and video quality possible. The big studios know all of the tricks which are needed in order to give moviegoers the high production value that they want.

One of these tricks is using the best audio equipment. So, it’s safe to say that the big studios sink millions of dollars into investing in this type of equipment. Without good audio equipment, a production can be ruined. While it’s possible to fix some things, it’s much smarter to get things right on every take.

Check Out Audio Equipment Today

If you’re interested in learning more about audio equipment for filmmaking, be sure to look at equipment from the world’s premier audio equipment manufacturers, such as Boise and Sony. There are plenty of good brands. However, you’ll find that the big studios definitely go for high-end quality, with a mind to getting superb audio.

With films, actors and actresses’ voices must be clear. As well, special effect sounds for backgrounds need to be of high quality and very distinct. The best audio equipment helps to create movie magic. Without it, it’s much harder to create a whole new world on film and make it convincing to the viewer.

A good audio equipment company should be able to recommend a system which includes all of the right components for your needs.

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The Black Sea – Top cast – McNairy

The Black Sea – Top cast

The Underwater film Black Sea – A submarine heist that has Jude Law in the lead has some interesting artist line up. Scoot McNairy, a popular character actor in both the film and television medium, added flavour to the casting. McNairy moves to the hall of fame with his role in Monsters playing the lead, directed by Gareth Edwards. The drama gave him recognition, and soon he grabbed some bigger roles. He was seen accompanying Brad Pitt in the crime thriller, Killing Them Softly. He again was signed with Pitt in 12 Years a Slave that had some big names in the casting list like Paul Giamatti, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Michael Fassbender.

In the year 2012, Kevin Macdonald announced the nautical thriller film with the name, “The Treasure of The Sierra Madre in a submarine.” McNairy was signed for the film to star opposite Jude Law The movie revolves around a rugged sea captain who decides to recover the lost treasure of the Black Sea. McNairy plays a crucial role in coaxing the Law to take on the journey to explore the treasure in the deep seas. The distribution rights of the film were sold at Cannes, and the tagline mentions McNairy in dark light referring him as a character with dishonourable intentions. The crews on the ship are Englishmen and Russians that get into a tiff as the movie proceeds and the submarine sink further into the black sea.

The major asset of the movie is that it comes from the Academy Award-winning director Macdonald (One day in September) and two promising actors as in Law and McNairy. The thriller released by Focus Features. McNairy is the odd man out trying to protect the financiers of the submarine. Termed as one of the busiest guys in the industry McNairy plays the role of Daniels, a financier who lands up in the rooky crew on the ship with the rugged captain played by Jude Law. Though McNairy was apprehensive to set his foot in the water, the character turned out to be an asset for his profile. MacDonald was all praise for the actor, calling him a star character actor.

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