Kevin Macdonald on conceiving the Black Sea

Kevin Macdonald

The horrific news of 23 crew members on the Kursk Russian submarine entombed in the vessel came as a shock to the world, and Kevin Macdonald was no different. This formed the crux of the plot for his next film Black Sea. The tragic accident happened in 2000, and fifteen years later the movie Black Sea was released. The film stars Jude Law, who loses his job as a marine salvager to land up in a quest for gold on the Black Sea. It is an underwater film where men go in search of riches.

The movie is not just a big budget film but also holds some huge star cast. Jude Law is the central character. Macdonald says he created a complex character piece to weave the plot together. In his words, he adds, “People liked the script a lot and liked the story a lot and said that this could be a commercial movie.” Macdonald says that he prefers to stick to his story than to change it to make it commercial. He believes in his terms rather than a sellout.

Macdonald also spoke about making the character choices interesting. The Russian actors were particular that the sets had enough stock of Vodka, he mentioned. He added that he gets bored quickly, and that is one of the reasons for selecting a different genre to hold on to his interest. He praised Dennis Kelly for coming up with a superscript for Black Sea and to this he added his flavour of doing things differently, and the movie happened.

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