One More Of Those Submarine Thriller

Nuclear Submarine

Undersea thriller has made it big at the box office. Black Sea is a submarine thriller that has Jude Law playing the lead, and his Scottish accent adds flavour to the film. The rude exit from his marine salvage company puts him in search of a job, and he takes up the assignment of finding some real gold left during transit in the Nazi period. The gold is slated to be on the floors of the black sea. Nothing happens well for Law after losing his job, divorcing his wife, brooding for his son; he happens to meet his friend who updates him on the treasure. With three decades of submarine experience, Robinson (Jude Law) heads to the seas.

Robinson meets Daniels (Scoot McNairy), an American millionaire who funds the projects for a return of 40% of the booty. The crew is assembled, and they set off to the Black Sea port where an old submarine awaits them. The speed of putting up the crew is so fast that even an able director like Kevin Macdonald was not able to make complete justice. The character development hit a dead end with the speed of the script. The submarine in an effect to stay away from being spotted by the Russian Navy does not seem worthy as they sail out of Sevastopol in broad daylight.

The attitude of the crew makes the adventure trickier and with Mendelsohn sticking a knife at a Russian crew comes under the scanner. But there is no denying the fact that the movie is a thriller. The submarine, action, adventure, and humor take the movie forward. The plot has similar elements of The Deep, where instead of Spanish Galleon, Nazi gold has been replaced. The performance of Jude Law was good but not the best regarding holding together a team as a leader.

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