Black Sea – Jude Law Prepares On A Nuclear Submarine

Black Sea – Jude Law

Movies at sea have always made it big at the box office. Whether it is for the mammoth sets or thrilling screenplay, adventure movies with the right cast and crew hits the top of the blockbuster charts. Black Sea will be no different. The movie is latest in the submarine movie list. Jude Law is the lead cast in the film and in the preparation spree he spent days in a nuclear submarine informs sources. The director of the film Kevin Macdonald was unable to accompany him as he was busy with the preparation for the movie. Meanwhile, Jude was happy enough to spend four days on board of a nuclear submarine that picked him at Gibraltar and took him away to an unknown location.

Jude spent his time exercising next to the nuclear missiles and shared a room with 18 other men. Submarine movies are never a favourite subject for moviemakers because of its dark interiors and cramped space. The cameraman finds it tough to work on the sets as space is so limited. There is nothing stopping filmmakers from working on submarine movies. Leading directors have worked on the subject and to mention a few; The Abyss from James Cameron, Submarine from Frank Capra, K-19; The Widowmaker from Kathryn Bigelow and more. Apart from serious films even comedies like the Crimson Tide and The Hunt for Red October made it big at the box office.

Now Black Sea did not believe in the set and opted to shoot the film in a real submarine. It was an ex-Soviet class vessel named ‘Foxtrot”. The submarine was kept on River Medway close to Rochester. When Foxtrot was functional, it carried 80 people on board and would return to the harbour once in six months. The vessel was popular during the Cold War times. The interiors were reconstructed at Pinewood Studios. The interiors were similar to the original and at this Macdonald made no compromise. The sets were so tight that there was hardly space for the actors or the camera to move freely. The movie is different from its predecessors in the context that Jude and his men venture in search of Nazi treasure hidden under the black sea.

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