Are Animal Actors Fed Normal Pet Food?

Animal actors are special. They are not your usual pets. They can do more than what usual pets do. They are trained to act in front of a camera. They are not human beings who can act on cue so they must be well-trained for them to star in films, commercials or movies.

This also means that they have to be given a special diet. You can’t afford to have problems with your pets while filming. They should not have stomach problems. They should also not have tantrums. You don’t want to delay filming just because they are not in the mood to do so.

The good thing is that there are great options for pet foods that are easy to access. For instance, you can check out the best holistic cat food. This food is rich with nutrients that cats need. It also helps make them stay on top of their game. Filming takes a lot of time. If human beings get tired, animals feel the same way too. Therefore, it would be great if they are fed the right kind of food. For cats, you will never go wrong with holistic food.

Meat is essential too

Although healthier food options are great, don’t forget that they are still animals. They also need meat to stay energised. You have to feed them with meat every now and then. Their regular diet must be there or else it could pose a problem. Some pets also have special favourites. In order to ensure that they remain in the mood for acting, these favourites must be there just in case.

Special treats

Since animals are forced to act and they are not always in the mood to do so, some animal trainers have confessed to have given them something more. There were even reports that dogs were given a bottle of whiskey for them to stay on top of their game. Obviously, this is a big no. You should not give them foods and drinks they normally wouldn’t take. It is also considered animal abuse to force them eating or drinking something just so they remain energetic.

Permit is required

Always remember that using pets in a movie set would require permits. Otherwise, you could be fined. The production team might not even be allowed to continue filming the movie. The entire production house might even be banned from doing more films in the future, depending on the gravity of the violation.

There are different requirements depending on the state where the film is to be shot and the type of animal to be used during the filming.

Complaints from PETA

PETA is an organization that helps protect animal rights. They have complained about several movies that have abused animals in filming. In fact, one movie has been in hot waters recently because of complaints from various organizations. A Dog’s Purpose was accused of killing dogs for the purpose of finishing the film. They have defended themselves and said that those dogs on the film were not killed. Others were already dead when the shots were taken.

It only means that if you are in the film industry, you have to be more careful if pets are used in filming. You might also be under the same problem if you are not careful with how you make use of pets. It is in your best interest to ask local authorities first about the legalities of using pets.

This includes the amount of time they can be used for filming, the type of food they are allowed to eat. The compensation must also be taken into consideration. Although the amount goes to the trainer, some states require that the huge portion of the compensation to provide for the needs of the pet.

It can be quite complicated to deal with all these details about the use of pets for filming. This is why you have to study the laws really well to avoid being in trouble. In fact, avoid using pets for films especially if they don’t play a huge role. There are also different sets of rules for more exotic animals. These laws might be stricter than just the usual pets used in filming.

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