The Black Sea – Top cast – McNairy

The Black Sea – Top cast

The Underwater film Black Sea – A submarine heist that has Jude Law in the lead has some interesting artist line up. Scoot McNairy, a popular character actor in both the film and television medium, added flavour to the casting. McNairy moves to the hall of fame with his role in Monsters playing the lead, directed by Gareth Edwards. The drama gave him recognition, and soon he grabbed some bigger roles. He was seen accompanying Brad Pitt in the crime thriller, Killing Them Softly. He again was signed with Pitt in 12 Years a Slave that had some big names in the casting list like Paul Giamatti, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Michael Fassbender.

In the year 2012, Kevin Macdonald announced the nautical thriller film with the name, “The Treasure of The Sierra Madre in a submarine.” McNairy was signed for the film to star opposite Jude Law The movie revolves around a rugged sea captain who decides to recover the lost treasure of the Black Sea. McNairy plays a crucial role in coaxing the Law to take on the journey to explore the treasure in the deep seas. The distribution rights of the film were sold at Cannes, and the tagline mentions McNairy in dark light referring him as a character with dishonourable intentions. The crews on the ship are Englishmen and Russians that get into a tiff as the movie proceeds and the submarine sink further into the black sea.

The major asset of the movie is that it comes from the Academy Award-winning director Macdonald (One day in September) and two promising actors as in Law and McNairy. The thriller released by Focus Features. McNairy is the odd man out trying to protect the financiers of the submarine. Termed as one of the busiest guys in the industry McNairy plays the role of Daniels, a financier who lands up in the rooky crew on the ship with the rugged captain played by Jude Law. Though McNairy was apprehensive to set his foot in the water, the character turned out to be an asset for his profile. MacDonald was all praise for the actor, calling him a star character actor.

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Black Sea – A Befitting Cast


What could be a more befitting combination than having Academy Awardee Kevin Macdonald along with Academy Award nominee Jude Law? Venturing into the black sea to find a Nazi treasure, Jude takes on board English divers and Russian crooks in search of the treasure. The journey heads to uncertainty with the crew members fighting with each other for survival. The film is full of thrills and dangers about the submarine as it plunges into the black sea hunting for the treasure. Ben Mendelsohn and Michael Smiley are part of the team supporting Jude.

The supporting cast consists of leading character actors that have added strength to the movie. Ben Mendelsohn, David Threlfall, Konstantin Khabenskiy, Michael Smiley, Sergey Piskepalis, Booby Schofield and Jodie Whittaker play prominent roles in the film. The female lead Whittaker is known for her excellent performance in the film. A graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, she plunged into the entertainment industry shortly after she completed her course.

The actress was seen in movies like Good from Vicente Amorim starring opposite Viggo Mortensen, St Trinian’s comedies, Attack the Block, Academy Award Nominee Wish 143, a short film by Ian Barnes. Whittaker is a Royal Television Society Award nominee for her performance in Broadchurch, UK drama series.

Ben Mendelsohn players the role of Fraser in the film. He is one of the most popular Australian actors to watch out for. He starred in global movies and was a renowned name in the industry. His performance in the Animal Kingdom, opposite Jacki Weaver (Academy Award nominee) won his accolades. He was also part of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, Killing Them Softly from Andrew Dominik that also features Black Sea co-star McNairy.

Michael Smiley plays the role of Reynolds in the film. Smiley is still remembered for his breathtaking role in the television series Spaced, where he was a sported the role of a cycle courier Tyres along with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Since then he made it to many films and television series. The trio also featured in Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End. He is the recipient of British Independent Film Award and also won the London Critics’ Circle Film Award.

Smiley is not just an actor but also conducts stand-up comedy shows on account of which he frequents Britain and across the globe. He is also a regular on Luther along with Idris Elba. He also won the Best Supporting Actor for his role in Kill List.

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Black Sea – Review

Black Sea – Review

Submarine thrillers have entertained us in the past, and Black Sea from Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald will be something new to watch out for. To reinvigorate the genre Macdonald ventured into the Black Sea looking for gold. The movie is not a period film; it is set in the present day scenario. Jude Law is a veteran submarine captain specializing in saving Marines will be thrown out of the job with a meagre check. Looking for work, he bounces into his former colleague who lures him to take up the assignment of finding gold on a Nazi submarine buried deep in the black sea that reportedly carried gold to an estimated $40 million dollars.

The lead character Jude Law (Robinson) now takes the help of a shrewd financier Scoot McNairy (Robinson) to buy an old submarine in the Crimea and organizes the crew, Russians, and Englishmen. The men include Konstantin Khabenskiy (Night Watch Sequel), Michael Smiley (Kill List), David Threlfall (Shameless), Grigoriy Dobrygin (A Most Wanted Man), Ben Mendelsohn, an expert diver but also psychotic, Bobby Schofield, a teenager and much more in the cast.

The screenplay was written by Dennis Kelly of Broadway musical fame Matilda. The script is straight, and the characters are chosen appropriately to meet the requirement of the script. The shore life had Jodie Whittaker playing the ex-wife of Law. But the character did not make an impact. The sets of the claustrophobic and rusty submarine are an interesting addition. The sets held only the interiors of the sub while the exteriors were shot on a real Russian submarine. The roles of Smiley, Schofield, Dobrygin and Khabenskiy are worth a watch. The best piece of work comes from Ben Mendelsohn, who plays an unstable character, where he turns from a psycho to hero in a minute, showing variation in his character. The movie is watchable but not to the extent of nail biting.

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One More Of Those Submarine Thriller

Nuclear Submarine

Undersea thriller has made it big at the box office. Black Sea is a submarine thriller that has Jude Law playing the lead, and his Scottish accent adds flavour to the film. The rude exit from his marine salvage company puts him in search of a job, and he takes up the assignment of finding some real gold left during transit in the Nazi period. The gold is slated to be on the floors of the black sea. Nothing happens well for Law after losing his job, divorcing his wife, brooding for his son; he happens to meet his friend who updates him on the treasure. With three decades of submarine experience, Robinson (Jude Law) heads to the seas.

Robinson meets Daniels (Scoot McNairy), an American millionaire who funds the projects for a return of 40% of the booty. The crew is assembled, and they set off to the Black Sea port where an old submarine awaits them. The speed of putting up the crew is so fast that even an able director like Kevin Macdonald was not able to make complete justice. The character development hit a dead end with the speed of the script. The submarine in an effect to stay away from being spotted by the Russian Navy does not seem worthy as they sail out of Sevastopol in broad daylight.

The attitude of the crew makes the adventure trickier and with Mendelsohn sticking a knife at a Russian crew comes under the scanner. But there is no denying the fact that the movie is a thriller. The submarine, action, adventure, and humor take the movie forward. The plot has similar elements of The Deep, where instead of Spanish Galleon, Nazi gold has been replaced. The performance of Jude Law was good but not the best regarding holding together a team as a leader.

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Kevin Macdonald on conceiving the Black Sea

Kevin Macdonald

The horrific news of 23 crew members on the Kursk Russian submarine entombed in the vessel came as a shock to the world, and Kevin Macdonald was no different. This formed the crux of the plot for his next film Black Sea. The tragic accident happened in 2000, and fifteen years later the movie Black Sea was released. The film stars Jude Law, who loses his job as a marine salvager to land up in a quest for gold on the Black Sea. It is an underwater film where men go in search of riches.

The movie is not just a big budget film but also holds some huge star cast. Jude Law is the central character. Macdonald says he created a complex character piece to weave the plot together. In his words, he adds, “People liked the script a lot and liked the story a lot and said that this could be a commercial movie.” Macdonald says that he prefers to stick to his story than to change it to make it commercial. He believes in his terms rather than a sellout.

Macdonald also spoke about making the character choices interesting. The Russian actors were particular that the sets had enough stock of Vodka, he mentioned. He added that he gets bored quickly, and that is one of the reasons for selecting a different genre to hold on to his interest. He praised Dennis Kelly for coming up with a superscript for Black Sea and to this he added his flavour of doing things differently, and the movie happened.

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