The Black Sea – Top cast – McNairy

The Black Sea – Top cast

The Underwater film Black Sea – A submarine heist that has Jude Law in the lead has some interesting artist line up. Scoot McNairy, a popular character actor in both the film and television medium, added flavour to the casting. McNairy moves to the hall of fame with his role in Monsters playing the lead, directed by Gareth Edwards. The drama gave him recognition, and soon he grabbed some bigger roles. He was seen accompanying Brad Pitt in the crime thriller, Killing Them Softly. He again was signed with Pitt in 12 Years a Slave that had some big names in the casting list like Paul Giamatti, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Michael Fassbender.

In the year 2012, Kevin Macdonald announced the nautical thriller film with the name, “The Treasure of The Sierra Madre in a submarine.” McNairy was signed for the film to star opposite Jude Law The movie revolves around a rugged sea captain who decides to recover the lost treasure of the Black Sea. McNairy plays a crucial role in coaxing the Law to take on the journey to explore the treasure in the deep seas. The distribution rights of the film were sold at Cannes, and the tagline mentions McNairy in dark light referring him as a character with dishonourable intentions. The crews on the ship are Englishmen and Russians that get into a tiff as the movie proceeds and the submarine sink further into the black sea.

The major asset of the movie is that it comes from the Academy Award-winning director Macdonald (One day in September) and two promising actors as in Law and McNairy. The thriller released by Focus Features. McNairy is the odd man out trying to protect the financiers of the submarine. Termed as one of the busiest guys in the industry McNairy plays the role of Daniels, a financier who lands up in the rooky crew on the ship with the rugged captain played by Jude Law. Though McNairy was apprehensive to set his foot in the water, the character turned out to be an asset for his profile. MacDonald was all praise for the actor, calling him a star character actor.

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