Why “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a Classic

Why The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a ClassicDo you remember the first time you saw “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“? Was it in the theater? Did you rent it? Were your screaming and covering your eyes with a bunch of friends? Or were you alone? Perhaps you took a walk afterward, pondering how such evil could possibly exist in the world, because “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was a true story, right?

Partly. It’s based on the real life person Ed Gein, a murderer who liked to wear his victims skin. And that’s just one reason this horror flick has become a classic.

While it veers from the true life of Ed Gein to include a cannibalistic family of nut jobs, it also veers from the typical horror movie script. For one thing, a lot of the action takes place in the daytime. Most horror flicks, like Friday the 13th and Halloween, which also rely on blood and gore, typically see all the action at night. But “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” invades your daydreams right along with your worst nightmares.

Another way this classic takes a different, horrifying path is by having the victims be as innocent as doe speckled deer skipping through the woods. That means the characters could have been anyone of us. Usually the people who get killed in horror movies are committing some kind of grave sin. Either they’re having sex, robbing a store, or their just plain old jerks who had it coming. But Sally and her friends are just a bunch of good kids – just like your were or are…

While a lot of horror flicks are filled with blood and gore, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” covers a taboo subject that can make even the strongest stomach turn in on itself. Cannibalism is by far one of the sickest ways to go. And we don’t know what’s worse – the chainsaw or the dinner afterwards. Either way, we’re just really glad to be safe and sound at home no where near any chainsaws.

If you’ve never seen this movie or haven’t seen the original in a long time, we recommend a viewing of this classic film if you want to be scared out of your mind every time you hear a chainsaw erupt. But if you do find yourself wanting to own a chainsaw — for reasons other than killing innocent people, that is — click on the link to see the best chainsaws in today’s market: https://bestchainsaw.reviews/top-10/

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